MARK Salzburg

If you are looking for a place to perform yourself, the MARK in Salzburg is the right place for you. Our open house offers a stage and space for ongoing artists, creative people of all kinds, and everyone interested in participating in alternative arts productions and DIY culture. All our projects — be it an exhibition, a writing competition, or a music festival – have a common background. We promote young people in arts and DIY, offering a low entry-level. We help them in their personal growth and, at the same time, promote society with our diverse program for a more sustainable community.

Fattore K

Fattore K is the theatre company established in 1976 by Giorgio Barberio Corsetti and directed by Francesca Macrì and supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture. From the beginning, it has supported the artistic work of emerging and artists. Fattore K has always hold up stage research and the experimentation of the use of video and other technologies in theatre dramaturgy. Its production activities are mainly focused on contemporary national and foreign authors, as well as on experimentation and mixing of scenic languages and research on the technological level, supporting young, rising artists.

In addition to the productions of its shows, Fattore K also organizes several workshops carried out in collaboration with local agencies, universities and training institutes. Actors and directors engaged in the activities of the association are also involved in projects aimed at young people and students.

Fattore K is working in cooperation with several theatres located in different Italian cities.


ANEVE was established in Portugal in 2000 and started as a support structure to answer the needs of the EVS participants. Recently ANEVE promotes mainly Non-formal Educational projects and training addressed to Youth.
With a vision for Youth Empowerment using Non-formal Education, Arts and Creativity and Engaging activities in order to archive more and better learning outcomes in Youth projects, ANEVE improves the learning ability of the young participants in youth projects and strengthens the Non-Formal Education methods by providing the Youth and Youth Workers with better tools.
The work on a regular basis with partner national and international organizations, such youth centers, municipalities, universities, private and public, is promoting lifelong learning projects, to encourage and promote social integration and education for a sustainable and development society.

Lidi Smart Solutions

Lidi Smart Solutions was founded to promote the latest trends in the digital era, offering web-education for adults and youth in a number of fields. Among our core activities were developing and implementing online education platforms and e-learning tools. From there, we grew to tackle the leading-edge technologies, striving to demystify them and increase their accessibility to various social and professional groups. Our recent ventures include exploring the various uses for disruptive Blockchain and AI technologies as well as a content synthesis for MOOCs, contributing to EU-funded projects. The company is based in The Netherlands.

Local partners in Salzburg

FS1 - Schalt' dich ein

FS1 is a non-commercial Community TV-Channel in Salzburg. It offers 24 hours of program.

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